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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery ( FESS )

FESS is a minimally-invasive approach to the sinus cavities using endoscopes (telescopes) to view the important structures of the nose and sinuses. . It is a minimally invasive surgical technique that is chosen in cases of patients with sinusitis or nasal tumors.

Sinusitis is caused by blocked, inflamed or infected sinuses. Patients will often complain of a blocked nose, pressure or congestion in the face, runny nose or mucus problems. Other symptoms include headache and lose of sense of smell. Sinusitis can be difficult to diagnose and the specialist needs to examine your nose with an endoscope in order tofind out what is wrong. Most patients with sinusitis get better without treatment or respond to treatment with antibiotics, nose drops, sprays or tablets. In patients with severe sinusitis and persistent symptoms an operation may be needed. In  cases that sinusitis is left untreated it can lead to complications with infection spreading into the nearby eye socket or into the fluid around the brain. These complications are just some of the reasons that a sinus operation may become necessary.

Nasal tumor can be benign or malignant neoplasm and a complete excision ( to avoid reccurence ),  which will be sent for histopathology exam is needed. A nasal tumor can begin with the same symptoms an sinusitis ( nasal blockage ) but in most cases the symptoms will be only in one side.

Indications of Surgery  : Chronis Rhinosinusitis , Nasal Polyps , Nasal Tumors


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